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Organization Background

Socio Economic Development Trust  SEDT is a registered NGO established in 1980 with an aim to make a difference in the lives of people in the rural area of Parbhani district of Marathwada region of Maharashtra state. Since then, Kerwadi has been the central place of its function. In the journey of 40 years, SEDT is committed to focus on the last person of the society and reaching to the most impoverished people in the society. It all started with a dream to provide a safe and secure shelter for destitute children. SEDT started their firstChildren Home in Marathwada. Swapnabhoomi is the dream we live with the children at Kerwadi

While working for destitute children, we realize that the area where we are working is one of the poorest and deprived areas of Maharashtra. Today the situation is far behind than other areas of the state. Where SEDT is working today i.e. Palam Block of Marathwada region is one of the most backward blocks of Maharashtra.

SEDT then enhanced its scope and built bridges for socio-economic development of the region. It is committed to work for poor and marginalized communities and make a difference in their lives. At SEDT, we channelize our energies into making a difference to the people who need it most. The development initiatives focus primarily to build dynamic and vibrant community structures and empower children, women and society at large for socio-economic development.

In the last 40 years SEDT has worked for more than 365 villages in 15 blocks on various socio economic problems.

The major thrust of SEDT programs is on areas including, but not limited to-

  • Children in need of Care and Protection- Destitute home
  • Education and Child Rights Protection- Right to education – Quality Education
  • Development of innovative concepts of science centers and science parks.
  • Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Community Health and Hygiene
  • Health – Working on HIV / AIDS
  • Youth Development and Building Social Structures and Platforms
  • Agriculture and Alternative Livelihood
  • Tribal Development and Natural Resource Management
  • Integrated Rural Development
  • Youths – Skill development and income generation activities for poor families

Our paragon is “Swapnabhoomi” i.e. Dreamland, an integrated Child Care Center established at Kerwadi to provide a shelter and support to the destitute and challenged children and preparing them to face the outside world with self-confidence and dignity. Presently 64 children are residing in Swapnabhoomi and the total number of children passed out from the home is 408.

Today at SEDT Kerwadi, we have following infrastructure which facilitates in implementing the initiatives –

  • A campus spread over 3 acres
  • Training and capacity building center with a residential capacity of 40 to 60 people. The
    center is well equipped with audio-visual facility and training material
  • Staff quarter for 18 families
  • Library with adequate social literature and research material
  • Discovery Science Center – A Science and Curiosity Center with 28000 sq. ft of constructed indoor area, equipped with more than 100 Exhibits, Mobile Planetarium, a Theater and several Interactive models
  • Home for 70 children–Swapnabhoomi
  • School with adequate facilities and well equipped computer lab and scientific lab

SEDT principally believe that – No change is sustainable without people participation. We exist to work for building social bridges and enrich the work process with the perspective of different philosophers, experts, researchers and eminent personalities who have been successful in making a difference in lives of people and the nation at large.

We believe that people are poor not because of their destiny but because of lack of proper education and access to resources

Impact created by the organization so far

Covering key projects (up to 5) that have created sustainable impact, please provide evidence in the form of data. Complement with links where we can read/view these success stories in detail. In the last 35 years through orphan / destitute home SEDT has rehabilitated more than 2500 destitute children and still it is one of the prime focused activities of SEDT.

  1. 1. In last 10 years SEDT worked intensively for rehabilitation of child labor and till date we have rehabilitate more than 50,000 children ( 12000 children re-joined the schools and 42000 migrating children detained a t home with the support of school.
  2. 2. Till date SEDT Formed more than 1300 SHG groups with approx.. 15,000 women members in surrounding two blocks. SEDT is the only single organization in Marathwada to form this huge SHG members and still working for more.
  3. 3. In 2005 SEDT established Maharashtra’s First Innovative Discovery science center in rural areas. Till date more than 1,50,000 children have visited this center and are still running successfully. Apart from this in the last 5 years SEDT established 64 school level science centers in different parts of Maharashtra and till date more than 2,00,000 children visited those science centers.
  4. 4. SEDT has been working in the entire district (9 blocks ) for community health and specially focused on HIV/AIDS since the last 10 years.
  5. 5. Remarkable work in the field of disaster management in the 1993 earthquake in Killari, Gujarat. Rehabilitated 3 villages completely including construction to all other infrastructure.

How We Work

With a belief that no change is sustainable without the participation of people, SEDT effectively participates in building social bridges and is always in the process of enriching the work taking into account the perspectives of different philosophers, experts, researchers and eminent personalities that have made a difference in the lives of people and nation at large. 

Our Approach

We keep striving to strengthen the momentum of change with definite plans, innovative methodologies and having transparency in the process involved with people participation. 

With an efficient team of 107 field based employees, SEDT is engaged on a full time basis in different project activities. The team has trained and experienced members with expertise on different subjects and areas of development.  We truly respect the spirit and passion of our dedicated team members who have been associated with us for the past 20 years plus. There will not be any exaggeration in saying that these members have genuinely dedicated their lives to the work. Collectively we look forward to attaining the organizational goals and mission.