Socio Economic Development Trust, Swapnabhoomi


Swapnabhoomi is a home for children who are homeless, destitute or orphan children and need care and protection.

‘Dreamland’ also known, as Swapnabhoomi has been a home for the destitute children, a beautiful dream since 1980, with hundreds of bright little one’s living together as one family at Kerwadi.

Through Swapnabhoomi, we have touched the lives of over 400+
children who have lived with us and have grown under our care and values. Currently we are nurturing over 70 children at Kerwadi. To fulfill this noble task, we need the support of ideas, monetary assistance and volunteers. Your every word and deed will count in giving these
children a better future..

Destitute Home for children in need of care and protection

While working for destitute children, we realize that the area where we are working is of the poorest and deprived are of Maharashtra. SEDT then enhanced its scope and build bridges for socio-economic development of the region.

Problems occurring in Education System of Rural India

1. Interactive Science Exhibit

1.From our district and around we understood that not even 20% schools are having interactive science exhibits which will allow children to interact/handle with it. Students are victims of this.

2. Creativity, Curiosity of children

  1. Creativity, curiosity and enquiries of the children remain unattended and ignored.

3. School infrastructure

  1. School infrastructure – don’t have adequate basic school infrastructure.

4.Teachers & their role

  1. Teachers & their role – Although the attitude of the teachers is changed we realize that they too are product of the present educational system. Many of them want to do better, but they lack knowledge and exposure themselves.

5. Interactive way of Learning

  1. Interactive way of Learning – it should be both side learning process but should not be limited to teaching.

6.Learning through experimenting and exploration

  1. Learning through experimenting and exploration is still a dream for children in rural areas or deprived areas of the country. Unfortunately more or less similar situation is there in towns as well as in cities too.

7. Don’t get chance to handle

  1. Don’t get chance to handle – Many children don’t even get a first-hand opportunity to handle basic scientific and laboratories equipment till they attend their matriculation.

8. Teaching method

  1. In the present educational system, teachers go on teaching the students theoretically only.

9.children do not have space to explorer themselves,

9. In general children do not have space to explorer themselves, free to do what they want, different atmosphere than their school and the most importantly play way learning factor

And Then What We Discovered

When people do not have questions and when children do not ask any.

Then we must generate, encourage and accelerate the culture of asking questions …
Because we understand that …. When

  • I hear and I Forget
  • I See and I Remember
  • I Do and I Understand- Confucius