Women Empowerment

Women’s share in population is 50%, and besides their reservations in local politics, women are kept behind in the family and in the society. A systematic bias is evident against women in access to basic resources such as education, health
and nutrition.
Keeping women illiterate and unskilled, it is not possible to 9 Women Empowerment Program develop the society as whole. And so, with various interventions we are trying to empower women with educating and training.

Our policy in this “development through women”.
One of the main thrusts of SEDT work has been to organize, empower and make women self reliant. It ensures that leadership qualities among women are developed and nurtured. With the support from NABARD-we are able to do this.

In general women are kept behind, so they are backward. And besides of several schemes for women development, the “status of women” is not changed so far in rural communities. This is unacceptable and should not be continued. So we have planned special initiative to empower girls in all villages here. In each village we have identified group of 40-50 girls and we are concentrated on them to support them to grow well.

We have formed 1000+ SHGs in this area (with NABARD’s support). Several income generation activities we are conducting for women. Without economic devp, women empowerment is not possible.

Recently we have regiesterd  a farmers producers company (Sakhi samrudhiF.P.Company) of women only.

Group farming is first project of this company. In near future we will start marketing food grains and vegetables on large scale to cities.

Farmers clubs: Integrated farming system.

We have created 37 farmers clubs in the area with NABARD’s support.

Now 1000+ farmers are building their capacity to improve their farm production. We are introducing “Integrated farming system” for these farmers to improve their agricultural income.

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