HIV AIDS Targeted Interventions Activities – Parbhani

MSACS TI UNITS – Target group: FSW & MSM

With the objective to work on the most vulnerable issue of the society Socio Economic Development Trust started to work on the subject of Aids prevention. While the first base line survey we found the need to work for the reduction of the STI rate, control on the syphilis & then testing for HIV & follow up of the people who are HIV reactive. There was also need to work on the community mobilization & to increase the living standard of the FSWs & MSMs. Presently we are working on 22 sites of parbhani city, on the 4 of Jintur, 4 Manvat, 5 Selu, 5 Purna, and 5 Gangakhed for FSWs. While working on the MSMs we are working on the 10 sites of parbhani city, on the 3 of Jintur, 3 Manvat, 2 Selu, 3 Purna, 12 Gangakhed.

This work is divided in separate three projects

Goal & objectives

Since 2005 SEDT is working on the FSW & MSM population in parbhani district. Initially we worked on the reduction of the sexually transmitted infections among the FSW & MSM. That time the project was in the 3rd phase of the National Aids Control Program & its goal was to halt & reduce the epidemic of the HIV among the sex workers. Project is now in 4th phase of the national Aids control program.

The goal of the 4th program is to reduce new infections by 50% (2007 Baseline survey of NACP III) & Comprehensive care, support and treatment to all persons living with HIV/AIDS.

The objectives of the program are

  • Reduce new infection by 50%
  • Comprehensive care support & treatment
  • Peer lead approach

The project is based on the above mentioned objectives & to achieve the same we provide the services as under:

  • regular medical checkup of the target group thorough the private medical practitioner usually called as PPPs
  • six monthly blood testing for HIV & syphilis
  • condom distribution & promotion
  • community mobilization
  • referral linkages
  • focus on care & support of the people living with HIV

Other activities of the project

  • Site level meetings:  To do the awareness of the sexually transmitted infections & HIV / AIDS among the HRGs we conduct the site level meetings
  • Advocacy meetings: For achieving the targets of the project & to do the network in good manner we conduct the advocacy meetings. In which we establish the linkages with the Govt. officers,   local leaders, community leaders, political leaders, doctors, advocates, auto drivers, etc. who help us in the smooth running of the program
  • Crisis meetings: Sex workers are most vulnerable group of the society so they are not aware of the rights & the duties, & the local laws. To overcome this issue we have made the crisis committees. This works for their target population. We conduct the trainings of the committee members & we also teach them the various laws which are useful for them.
  • PLHIV support group meetings : for the HIV reactive people we conduct the PLHIV support group meetings provide the nutrition to them thorough the meetings
  • Implementation of the   Bal Sangopan Yojana for the children of the sex workers. We work for the education of the children of the sex workers we provide the Govt. hostel facility or the foster care scheme to the children of the sex workers. Thorough the scheme we counsel them for the education of the child. At present we work on the 100 child who are child o sex workers among them 36 are children of the PLHIV sex workers
  • Social entitlement of the FSWs:   we also work for providing the Govt. identity to the HRG. Also teach them how to get the ration card Pan Card Adhar card. We also work for the implementing the Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana for the HRGs who are PLHIV.
  • Services & achievement : Thorough this project we provide the various services & the achievement & the targets in the project are mentioned as under they are from April 2014 to Oct. 2014
  • CBO formation of the FSWs:  Recently we have helped to the FSW community for the formation of the CBO so they are now encouraged to do the activities thorough this community.


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