Started 46 years back, in 1974, as the brainchild of Suryakant Kulkarni, the main aim of the competition is to give a platform for college students to showcase their artistic musings. The competition slowly evolved from being a drama competition to one where elements like, sculpture, pottery, painting, orchestra, puppet dancing, and a host of other such events, were incorporated. Moreover Engineering college students started incorporating the usage of electronic gadgets like LCD projectors for shadow plays, high-end amplifiers for their sound systems and other such technological advances, which began giving them the edge over other competitors.

Nothing on stage is pre-recorded or taped. Everything is live. Be it songs, music pieces, dances or even on the spot improvisations; everything is done on the wooden platform in person. If anyone is found using any alternate methods the entire college team is immediately disqualified. The whole idea behind Firodiya Karandak is- ‘Cinema on Stage’ wherein everything needs to be performed live.”

Every team is given a time period of one hour in which 15 minutes is given for setting up the props, the lights, orchestra, sound systems and all their paraphernalia. After that they are given 45 minutes to showcase their play. The length of the play should not exceed 45 minutes nor should it be shorter than 30 minutes. Teams are disqualified if they fail to stick to the time boundaries.

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