Is our first and prime project. Dreamland is a home for the children in need of care and protection.  It is a space where a destitute child gets a home of their own.

Swapnabhoomi is a home for children who are homeless, destitute or orphan children and need care and protection.
Through Swapnabhoomi, we have touched the lives of over 400+ children who have lived with us and have grown under our care and values. Currently we are nurturing over 70 children at Kerwadi. To fulfill this noble task, we need the support of ideas,
monetary assistance and volunteers. Your every word and deed will count in giving these children a better future.

At dreamland, their day to day needs are taken care of including emotional needs. They have all the necessary facilities and attend formal school at Kerwadi. Apart from this they also have access to facilities like library, computer education and a recreation hall. Since its inception (1980) 1000+  number of children have benefited from this initiative. Presently there are 57 children  in the home.

Students who have passed X and XII grade exams are sent for higher education in Pune or in vicinity of Kerwadi itself depending on their needs and interest. At present 10 boys are in Pune for their higher education. (A great family Mr. Sheepad& Mrs. Shalaka Ghodke, have takan responsibility of these 10 children to look after them in Pune.

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