Empowering Girls

Capacity Building Of Adolescent Girls (kishori Girls)

In a patriarchal society like India, women are discriminated since their birth. The rural Indian society is rampant with child marriage, restricting access to school, lack of any kind of exposure etc.
After analyzing the current situation, we organized groups of adolescent girls in each village in our area and held talks, get together and training where they could open up, giving inputs for their empowerment.

Capacity building of girls, adolescents and would-be mothers is a serious need of the hour to bring social parity in the patriarchal society like India. The adolescent phase of a girl child in rural areas is overshadowed by discrimination, poor health and hygiene and drudgery of work. Her educational and healthcare requirements remain unattended. Early marriage of girl child, dowry and motherhood at early stage hardly provides a scope for her personal development.

Looking Forward…

The challenges are great but we have strategized and planned meticulously. We hope to make huge strides to meet the targets we have set for ourselves. The community’s trust and cooperation would eventually determine the level of our success. Today, we believe and are committed to work together to chart a new story of success that creates original models and innovative activities for replication.

Bal Panchayats. (Children’s council.)

This is another very important activity we will start in these 10 villages.

We will organize around 500 children  in this.

The idea of Bal Panchayat is for,

Children should be motivated to think, think objectively and critically at school age, children should think about their own personality development while in school – and see big dreams. For this purpose, children’s council’s groups organize discussions among the children and the children discuss with the adults too. Series of such consultations is arranged for them.

We try to increase their self-confidence, increase their inquisitiveness, and make them think about everything through various meetings and discussions. We strive to cultivate their leadership qualities.

It helps children to study well and we also expect that studies students should help others who fall behind in study. At the same time, we tell them to think a little about school and the village also.

SEDT have developed a concept of children’s council as “Bal Panchayat”. A group of children between age group 12-14, in the school is organized as their council.

In each school of these 10 villages we will establish Bal-Panchayat.

It is expected that all children between age group 12-14 should participate in this forum. They will elect their representative council, a working group of 12-14 children, this figure can be very as per the number of children in the school. (Equal number of girls). Gender equality will be the cross-cutting in all activities of Bal-Panchayat.

One teacher will be nominated to look after this group or coordinate this group.  We will request head master of the school and he/she will nominate a teacher to look after day to day activities of this group.

This is not new concept for the school, some 6-8 years back there were Bal-Panchayat” in each school. And as per our relations with the school, teacher will cooperate us in this.

The activities of Bal Panchayat:

  1. Activities related to personality development / leadership development.
  • Study circle in each school.
  • Competitions on different subjects.
  • Workshops on Participation, expression, thinking etc.
  • Regular meetings and discussion in schools

In addition to their own development, It’s experienced that Bal Panchayats become best media to motivate parents and village youths-politicians to participate in education system / child development issues. These groups proved as powerful children’s body in and out school to attract the community for better schooling. Its become easy for SEDT to spread up any message for children or for parents in villages through these groups.


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